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Полезное TDU2, TDU [23]
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О физике TDU2 - Смесь аркадной гонки и симулятора
Перевод будет позже.

I'm reserving this thread for later use, however I will use this to publicly display my feelings and findings of TDU2's current physics.

I'm playing offline on the PC version, using near standard game handling settings, combined with Hardcore mode and full 900 degree G25.

  • Torque and power curves appear to be unique to every car; you can easily feel the difference in power at different ranges of RPM. It is something with TDU1 lacked.
  • More linear acceleration than TDU1; TDU1's acceleration was not constant as such, but was very different between car to car. TDU2's acceleration is now more linear, meaning top speed can be harder to reach.
  • A little more suspension travel; TDU1's body roll was pretty ridiculous.
  • Cars lose traction when you mash the throttle from a standstill. Not entirely accurate, however.

  • The mix of arcade and simulation physics has simply not worked!
  • Overall, each car tends to handle very similarly
  • FWD cars, such as the VW Golf GTI, oversteer when pushed hard. Too much wheelspin!
  • RWD cars, are sometimes 'uncontrolable' when accelerating. You sometimes feel like you have no control over the car. Hard to explain.
  • 4WD cars, lack traction that should be there. Too easy to oversteer, too hard to countersteer.
  • When oversteer occurs, it's nigh on impossible to countersteer fast enough to react. You can barely ever, catch a slide.
  • Once a car goes into a slide, whatever you do, it seems to be chance that determines if you can get away with traction or not.
  • Cars tend to have too much grip/traction in general on tarmac.
  • Cars have too much grip offroad, mainly 4WDs.
  • RWD and FWD cars appear to be speed limited in some way on dirt. What the hell?
  • 4WD cars seem to have almost the same grip on dirt and tarmac.
  • Steering delay. There seems to be a massive amount of delay between actually turning the wheel, and the car responding.
  • Some cars appear to have no working differentials, it feels like their locked or not present at all. This will be a major fail if we cannot mod the game and change this.
  • Braking is ridiculously strong, meaning it's very hard to determine braking points.
  • Engines have kind of, a fit during mid air.
  • Clutch is a button. Either on, or off.
  • Engines appear to have no weight at all, engine inertia is unexplainable?
  • Cars don't rev properly. The revs don't drop or increase properly, they can go up one second, and immediately drop down when you change gears.

Just a couple of things we'd need to mod. What is your opinion on these issues? How would we go about solving them IF we could mod all the physics in this game?
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